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How to Build Real time Web Applications with SignalR and .NET 6!

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What do a Cab Tracker, a Stock Market Graph and a Messenger have in common?

They all provide results in (near) real-time to us - be it a cab location, a stock price or a sent message.

The applications for real-time communication are 🤯

But how is such an application built?

What goes inside such an application?

We'll try to understand all about it using a simple real-world example.
This product is an eBook, that is a complete guide on building applications using SignalR and ASP.NET Core!

Why should you buy this?

  • This Digital Product contains an eBook, which explains in detail about the basics of real-time communication and the technologies used
  • Gives you a brief overview about SignalR and how it works
  • Jumps right away into building an application that mimics a real-world use case.
  • Everything is covered - designing, UI, API,.. everything in between
  • Built using the latest available frameworks - .NET 6, Angular - so you are learning the latest stuff
  • Within the eBook, I go step by step explaining how and why things are being made, along with code snippets of what is done
  • Two variants in offer - an eBook only version and a bundle with solved code solution: for those interested.

The book has two parts -

  • Part 1 covers the basic concepts of real-time web design, patterns that are in general use and transitions into SignalR.
  • Part 2 is a complete hands-on, demonstrating building a Vehicle Tracking Web Application with SignalR with all components involved!

Also included is a complete full-stack solution, which is a very simple bare-bones Vehicle Tracker application built using SignalR, ASP.NET Core and Angular. The solution shows you real-time movement of a cab (obviously fake) plotted on a map with data coming from a Data Server that pushes to client using SignalR.

I explain how to build a data server with SignalR, and how to build a client that uses Client-side SignalR library to consume the feed and finally how to draw a map and plot those points on it!

With approx. 35 pages of detailed and no-nonsense content, I'm sure this will make the topic a lot easy for you! 🔥

Interested? Let's do this!

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How to Build Real time Web Applications with SignalR and .NET 6!

2 ratings
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